Trading Automation Software Mercury

The Mercury trading automation software has undergone a lengthy testing period and has proven itself capable of providing approximately 100-350% yearly gains*.

Trading automation software Mercury can be used, starting with just 250 EUR, and has lower monthly rental costs than Saturn.

Tip! Choose the trading software package that aligns with your requirements. Make sure the amount you plan to allocate fits the starting portfolio of the selected package. For example, if you are committing between 250 and 499 EUR, the Mercury 250 package would be the ideal choice.

Trading Software Packages to Choose from

If you want to know more about how the trading automation works, before making your decision, check out this step-by-step guide:

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* Utilizing FIXTVIEW’s trading software involves risks, including the potential for both loss and profit. Past performance does not necessarily predict future results.

** Drawdown refers to how much the trading account value could fall from the highest point before recovering back to the highest level.