How to Get Cashback with Our Referral Program

How to earn cashback with FIXTVIEW

Want to get some cash back? It’s easy! Just share your email with friends who want to join us. When they sign up and mention your email, you’re on your way to earning some cashback.

You’ll receive a cashback of 50% of both the activation fee and one month’s rent paid by your friend.

Here’s how the cashback works

  1. Share Your Email: Give your email to your friend who’s interested in joining.
  2. They Sign Up: Your friend enters your email when they register.
  3. They Pay: Once your friend pays their activation fee and first month’s rent, we’ll calculate your cashback within 3 working days.
  4. You Get Money Back: We’ll first apply the cashback to any monthly fees you owe. If your account is all settled, we’ll give you cashback in cash.
  5. Cashback Details: You’ll get 50% of your friend’s activation fee and 50% of their first month’s rent, in euros. This offer applies for each new friend you refer.

Important to Note: To successfully claim cash back, you’ll need to give us some basic banking details: your name and your bank account number (IBAN). We’ll get back to you about these. And, if we need a bit more information to comply with bank requirements, we’ll reach out to you.

For a complete understanding of how our referral system operates and for all the specifics, we highly recommend reading our Terms and Conditions: The Terms.

Stay informed and make sure to take advantage of this offer before it expires. Happy referring!

You Haven’t Joined Yet Yourself?

If you haven’t joined our trading automation yet, you should start here: On that page you get all the information and step-by-step guide to help you make a decisions and next move.